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#1 2017-09-12 18:28:28

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Twitter for non-twitters

for those of you who which to follow some twitters account worth following ( such as exploit-db or any security related account )

here is a script I made to get the tweets from such accounts

#!/usr/bin/env python
# python 2.7.12
from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
from httplib import HTTPSConnection
from datetime import datetime
from sys import argv

class TweetParser(HTMLParser):
	# parse html stuff
	tweet_list = []	# (time,tweet,creator)
	index = 0
	is_time = False
	is_data = False
	is_creator = False
	creator = ""
	def handle_starttag(self,tag,attrs):
		# handle
		if tag=='p':
			for (a,b) in attrs:
				if a=='class' and b.find("tweet-text") != -1:
					self.is_data = True
		if tag=='span':
			for (a,b) in attrs:
				if a=='data-time':
		if tag=='b':
			for (a,b) in attrs:
				if a=='class' and b=='u-linkComplex-target':
					self.is_creator = True
	def handle_endtag(self,tag):
		if tag == 'p' and self.is_data:
			self.is_data = False
	def handle_data(self,data):
		if self.is_data:
			# add to list
			self.tweet_list[self.index][1] += data
			self.tweet_list[self.index][2] = (self.creator+'.')[:-1]
		if self.is_creator:
			self.creator = '@'+data
			self.is_creator = False

def int_to_time(time):
	date = datetime.fromtimestamp(time * 1000 / 1e3)
	ret = "%d-%d-%d %d:%d" % (date.year,date.month,date.day,date.hour,date.minute)
	return ret

def main(path):
	subf = open(path)
	subs = subf.readlines()
	conn = HTTPSConnection("twitter.com")
	parser = TweetParser()
	for sub in subs:
		if sub=='':
		sub = sub[:-1]
		resp = conn.getresponse()
		if resp.status != 200:
			print resp.reason
		buf1 = resp.read()
		buf2 = buf1.decode("UTF-8")
	tweets = parser.tweet_list
# order tweets by time
	while len(tweets) > 0:
		m = 10000000000
		i = 0
		for j in range(len(tweets)):
			if tweets[j][0] < m:
				m = tweets[j][0]
				i = j
		(t,d,c) = tweets.pop(i)
		print c,int_to_time(t)
		print d
		print "----------------------"

if __name__=='__main__':
	if len(argv) != 2:
		print "Usage: " + argv[0] + " <subs file>"

rename it what you like, feel free to modify it to your like.

I suggest naming it twitter, chmod +x twitter and save is in the local bin folder ($HOME/bin/) which should be accessible from PATH

default usage is

 twitter <subs file> 

where subs_file is a file with an username per line

C and Python


#2 2017-09-14 10:33:35

From: France
Registered: 2017-09-14
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Re: Twitter for non-twitters

Very good !! :-D Thanks !


#3 2017-09-15 01:27:43

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From: Portugal
Registered: 2017-07-16
Posts: 25

Re: Twitter for non-twitters

Any more requests you may have, I can probably do it, also could use some challenges

C and Python


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