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#1 2017-10-11 20:32:31

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Updater Crashes

I'm having an issue where the updater crashes randomly when I click to open various programs.  I have a dual boot setup, Parrot Full on my laptop's m2 ssd, and Win.10 on my main ssd.  Here's what happens:
-I can install Parrot just fine (using the gtk installer) from iso on usb drive
-Parrot boots up, I login, it asks to check for updates
-I start the updates (200+ available), the updater terminal opens, and everything's going fine
-After a [seemingly] random amount of time, when I click on a tab/or try to launch a program, the update terminal and the program I was just using/tried opening close.  If I try to reopen the terminal/program, they close again after a split second.  I can, however, open any other applications that weren't open when the updater and program crashed.  (This seems to happen when the updater is around 60+% complete)
-When I reboot, I get stuck at a screen that changes between a blank screen and a cursor blinking sporadically in the top left corner.

This has happened twice, once last night when I clicked to create a new terminal settings profile in a separate terminal while the updater was running, and once today after I tried reinstalling Parrot and clicked to launch the Preferences/Control Panel to adjust the autodim while the updater was running. 

Laptop Specs:
-i5 62?00Hq
-16gb ddr4
-gtx 960m 4gb
-240gb ssd/1tb hdd
-64gb m2 ssd

Any help would be appreciated!


#2 2017-10-27 11:16:50

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Re: Updater Crashes

I have similar issue to this i am a new user but have had some good guidence on installing parrot sec however, i was prompted to update and so obliged to do so thus ending in screen flashing on off sporadicaly there is some writing there and can provide photo also video if need be. Due to this happening i find it has rendered my laptop useless as there is no function i can perform. could you please advise how to solve this issue thank you.

Ps I tried to add image but will not allow me to add jpeg image for some reason.


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