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#1 2017-10-29 07:12:35

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What usage data is left after I shut down ParrotSec?

Good day,

I’m a first time user and just installed ParrotSec onto my laptop for testing. Its supper fast and all hardware is working great.

I have watched a few Youtube vids prior to downloading the ISO with the main purpose to find out exactly how ParrotSec handles usage history.

Like in Windows, there are many places where user activities are recorded and it is therefore possible to determine what programs were used, what files were accessed and created etc.  A lot of private data is therefore recorded in Windows systems.

So when I shut down ParrotSec (the installed version), what data of my usage thereof is still stored.

Obviously if I created files and folders they should still be there, but what I am interested in is the rest of the usage stuff like what Windows records...in other words...if I install ParrotSec on my laptop hard drive as I have done now, and use it, are there any tracking/usage/forensic data stored somewhere of my activities?  How private is the installed version in comparison to simply running it from a pen drive.

I find lots of short paragraphs here and there which simply state that it is private, but I would really like to know the nitty gritty schemes in place to protect user privacy on the local system.  I read somewhere about something called Pandora’s Box which apparently cleans the RAM during shut down.  This sounds great, but what about any session usage data, does ParrotSec retain some?

Warm regards,



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